The intestines murder

A man who killed his girlfriend by pulling out her intestines through anus and vagina has his sentenced reduced from 13 to 12 years imprisonment. This seems a rather short sentence regarding the fact that in the case of the manslaugther that turned out to be suicide in Nuenen the innocent husband received 12 years as well, Harold R received 13 years for the so called ‘car trunk murder’ and Aldo G. received a life sentence for supposedly ordering the death of two Brazilian coke traffickers  (the so called ‘A12 murders’),  even though there is no hard evidence linking him to the crime and the true criminal behind the crime and self confessed murderer of 24 people, Filipo Cerfeda only received 10 years (the main part of which he may serve at home.  Similarly Louis Hageman was sentenced to life on questionable evidence for 2 murders


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