Natalee Holloway: 4 years on

Natalee Holloway

American highschool student Natalee Holloway disappeared 4 years ago to the day on Aruba in the Dutch Antilles. Joran van der Sloot soon became a prime suspect.

For those who somehow lost track a bit, here the names of some of the players in the Natalee case:

Natalee Ann Holloway (18) (picture): was at Aruba for a schooltrip, together with classmates, all from Mountain Brook Alabama.
Joran Van der Sloot: Prime suspect in the disappearance. Publically trashed after a TV program from Peter de Vries, 3 februari 2008.
Deepak Kalpoe, (21): Originally from Suriname, lives in Aruba. Worked at a Cybercafe in the period of Natalee’s disappearance, became a suspect. 
Satish Kalpoe (18): Originally from Suriname, brother of Deepak. Also a suspect.
Paulus Van der Sloot: Lawyer. In training to become a judge, father of the prime suspect Joran. Suspect for a while as well. 

Joran and the Kalpoe brothers

Dave Holloway (48): Natalee’s father.
Beth Twitty (45): Natalees mother. Divorced from Dave and now alos divorced from Jug Twitty. Said to have a relatiuonship with John Ramsey, father of murdered Joan Bennet Ramsey.
Jug Twitty (49): Natalee’s stephfather (was) married  to Beth Twitty.
Robin Holloway (40): Natalee’s stephmother, married to Dave Holloway.
Linda Allison: Natalee’s aunt and sister of Dave Holloway. Occasional spokeswoman of the family and involved in the search by Equusearch.
Marcia (Allan) Twitty: Natalee’s aunt. Beth’s sister in law. Often a TV guest in interviews regarding the case.
Thomas & Hunter Twitty: (23-4-87): Twins, Natalee’s cousins, sons of Marcia en Tom Twitty. Attend Mountain Brooke HighSchool as well and were togher with Natalee on Aruba. In some theories they were named as the first target of an Aruba kidnap in relation to alledged money-laundering if the Twitty family for Nicaraguan crime lords. 
Art Wood: Former secret agent. Member of the Jossy Mansoers investigative team on Aruba. Accused the Dutch authorities of a cover-up.
Harold Copus, Former-FBI agent, pursued Deepak Kalpoe aan.
T. J. Ward, Former FBI agent en private investigator, hired by the Holloway family.
Jan van der Straaten: Former head of police on Aruba. Then head of the investigative team. Friend of Paulus van der Sloot. Supposedly would have answered the door when the police came to search the van der Sloot estate and limited the terms of the search.

Jan van der Straaten

hans mos

Hans Mos

Karin P.J. Janssen: Public prosecutor in the Natalee Holloway case. Collided with Justice Minister Croes and was made to leave. Janssen was elected ‘Woman of the year’ on Aruba in 2005. Famous quotes: “You know, you keep acting like this, Mr. Twitty, we’re going to quit.’ ~ 28-8-05 “We can’t book people when we want… (like) a bunch of cowboys.” 3-6-05
Hans Mos: Aruban Public prosecutor, successor of Janssen.  By now also on the way out.
Anita Van der Sloot: art/drama teacher at AIS. Mother of Joran van der Sloot.
Dr. Phil: Forged a tape with the Kalpoe brothers statements and was sued by them. Was convinced Natalee was sold into slavery to Mexico.
Nadira Rameriz: Mother of the Kalpoe bros.
Steve Croes: Former DJ on the boat ‘Tatoo’, now employed at Carlos’n Charlies. Steve supported the fake alibi’s of the 3 prime suspects.
Ruben Tappenberg: Aruban government spokesman. Accused by Wood as part of the cover-up. Criticised  Bob Riley’s cal for a boycott of Aruba.
Rudy Croes, Justice minister on Aruba.
Freddy Arambatzis-Zedan: Friend and neighbour of the Van der Sloot family. Was a guest in the van der Sloot house on the night in question.
Lorenzo Van Rijn: Supposedly a bastard son of Paul van der Sloot and half-brother to Joran. Suspected of drug-trafficking. Named as being the ‘Daury’, that supposedly had helped Joran to dump Natalee’s body.
Daury Rodriguez: Supposedly the Daury that alledgedly helped Joran to alledgedly dump Natalee’s body in the ocean  No evidence of any involvement was ever found and he did not own a boat.
Antonio Carlo: Former lawyer of Joran. Had asked for a meeting with DA Karin Janssen in order to ‘relieve his conscience’ In this secret meeting he supposedly had said that Joran was involved but that it was up to the police to find enough evidence.
Tim Miller: Searched the island with specialized equipment.
Valentijn Van der Sloot: Younger brother of Joran. Kept a blog on the case.
Geoffrey van Cromvoirt: (19) Aruban subject. Arrested on April 15, 2006 solely on a rumour that he ‘knew more about it’. Son of Wilhelm van Cromvoirt.
Wilhelm Bernardus Henricus van Cromvoirt: Father of Geoffrey. Owner of VCB securities that hired out security personnel to Hotels. VCB (Video Camera Bewaking) also founded the ‘Visibility team’ a policie affiliated private security team that patrols the beaches. Both Geoffrey van Cromvoirt as well as Michael Dompig were at one time members of the visibility team.

Rosmarie Arnold

Rosemary Arnold

Arleen Ellis Schipper

Arleen Ellis Schipper

Arjan Wezel

Arjan Wezel ’I have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a Weasel’


Joe Mammama

Joe Tacopina: American lawyer handling the interests of Joran and Paul van der Sloot.
Rosemary Arnold: Joe Tacopina’s right hand ‘man’.
Arjan Debie:
Lawyer to Joran.
Richie Koch: Lawyer to Joran.
Ruud Offringa: Lawyer to Deepak
Rudy Oomen: Lawyer to Deepak.
Arly Swaen: Lawyer to Paul van der Sloot
Guido Wever: Male model. Arrested May 2006 (then 19) in Utrecht the Netherlands on suspicion of battering, kidnapping and murder on request of the Aruban authorities who requested his extradiction. Wever was an apprentice croupier at the casino of Natalee’s hotel. He was working at the casino on May 29 2005, the night before NAtalee’s disappearance. After Natalee’s disappearance he was questioned 5 times. His arrest followed incriminating statements made by various former collegues at the casino. Supposedly he had appeared at work, the day after Natalee’s disappearance ‘looking worried’ and stopped working shortly thereafter ‘sooner than was planned’. Witnesses suddenly also remembered 8 months after the facts that he had had some deep scratches. Aided by lawyer Gerard Spong Wever was released 3 days later and though he ‘remained a suspect’, the police never showed any interest in him anymore. Spong mentioned Wever’s homoseksueal orientation as a factor that would make his involvement with an alledged rape turned murder of Natalee as highly unlikely. Rumours say that Natalee is burned in the Crematorium dat Guido’s moeder Yolanda supposedly has on Aruba.
Gerald Dompig: Former head of police on Aruba. Openly stated that Joran could be innocent and that Natalee could have suffered an overdose. He was accused of incompetence. Supposedly Dompig is the brother in law of Boeti Naar and again supposedly the uncle of the Kalpoe brothers. In an interview with filmmaker Gielen he said to have been intimidated and hamperd in his investigation. He was not allowed to investigate the close family of Natalee. 
Michael Dompig: Son of Gerald Dompig. Was interrogated as a witness twice in 2006 following the arrest of Van Cromvoirt. Supposedly he was the one implicating Van Cromvoirt. Stated in an  interview with Fox News that the Holloway  family tried to smear his father. Knew Geoffrey van Cromvoirt through the ‘visibility team’
Xavier ‘Boeti’ Naar: Beach bum, ex-convict, drug dealer? Supposed brother in law of Gerald Dompig. Alledgedly he and narcotics cop Dennis Jacobs helped DA Karin Janssen to implicate two security guards. Boeti supposedly lived in a tent on the beach, close to where Natalee disappeared. In Oktober the seizure of 10 kilo cocaine leads to Boeti Naar.
Patrick van der Eem: Former drug dealer. Carries a scar called a ‘boca grande’-supposedly given to him by criminal allies because he was a snitch. Won Joran’s trust. Contacted Peter de Vries in order to tape Joran’s confession. Wrote a book about the case. Was not allowed into the US because of his drug history. Later convicted for aggravated assault on his girlfriend.
Poentje Castro: Aruban journalist of Un dia den bida. Taped a conversation with Patrick van der Eem in which van der Eem supposedly had said to know who threw Natalee in the ocean. As he result he was threathened by van der Eem (which was taped again).
Jossy Mehsen Mansur, (75): Aruban businessman, Libanese by origine. Editor of Diario in Aruba. Acused of smuggle and money laundering. Developped his own vision on the Natalee disappearance and formed his own research team. Often interviewed on Fox News en CNN Headline News. His motive for this supposedly is a grudge against the Aruban government. 
Bob Riley: Governor of Alabama. Called for an Aruba boycott.
Elgin Zeppenfeldt: Lawyer of the Deepak brothers in their civil suit against Beth Holloway, Dr. Phil and Harpo productions. 
Arlene Ellis Schipper: Spokeswoman for the Justice department in Aruba. According to rumours a cousin of Guido Wever.
Arjan Wezel: On line poker buddy of Joran who truthfully to his name (‘Weasel’) set up a trap for Joran together with Peter de Vries regarding the alledged supplying of Thaise prostitutes in 2008. It remained unclear if Joran really committed a fellony here or that it was Weasel who did the entrapment which surely was a fellony. 
‘Celes’: Self-decared girlfriend of Joran who in November 2008 after the ‘Joran in Thai women trafficking’ program of de Vries ‘suddenly’ remembered that Joran  had made incriminating statements to her.
Murphy Jenkins: The alias used by Joran van der Sloot in his dealings with Arjan ‘what’s in a name’ Wezel.
Joe Mammana: Philedelphia businessman who promised a 100.000 USD reward in the Natalee Holloway case. According to some a philantropist, according to others a criminal who served time for fraude, aggravated assault, narcotics trafficking, grand theft auto and identity theft.
Peter de Vries: (“Peeter Air de Freez”) Crime reporter, claimed to have ‘solved’ the case but it resulted in public outcry against Joran, not in a conviction. De Vries left too many loose ends. He e.g. did not check the phonerecords of the phonebooth neer the hotel and did not go into the many questions surrounding the arrival of Beth on Aruba.
Renée Gielen: Filmmaker on Curaçao (Dutch Antilles) who in the documentary ‘Natalee, the unrevealed Time Lines’ sheds light on other aspects of the case.


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