Malika Karoum accuses ex-husband of smear campaign

Karoum listens in shock to a secretly taped conversation with private eye Smits in which he boasts to have made up all the allegations against her

Dutch Tabloid ‘Revu’ last week published an article about Dubai real estate executive Malika Karoum, describing how she was extradited from Dubai to Egypt and sentenced to 28 months jail time for money laundering.

Like all stories about Malika Karoum, this latest story is also a fluke. Unfortunately the story already spread on the internet (“Former UAE-based realty executive jailed in Egypt”). In an interview with Dubai’s 24/7’s Muna Ahmad (and NOT from an Egyption prison cell), Karoum says these stories are made up by her ex-husband to damage her reputation, career and life.

"This whole story has been created by my ex-husband and his private detective," she said. "I was shocked to see my picture on the front page of your paper. I am Malika Karoum and I have been living and working in Dubai for the past three years.

"I have no problem with any authorities or police. Call any of my ex-employees and check with them. The only correct thing in this article is that I have worked for Omniyat, Define and ACI.

"My ex-husband started this and there is a long dispute between us over custody rights for our son. He says anything to destroy me and destroy my reputation by saying I am a spy and mafia and a fraud."

Karoum alleged her ex-husband was a fugitive and accused him of spreading lies about her on the internet. "All these blogs are created by my ex-husband and a private detective. He has been doing this for the past six years through my family and friends. When it didn’t work he started with the media."

Private investigator Jaques Smits, who’s interest in Karoum seems to go beyond and above the call of duty, admitted to have made up the allegations. He also admitted to have sent drugs to her, in an attempt to get her arrested in Dubai
Jacues Smits

This is not the first time Karoum is the victim of wrongful claims in tabloid ‘Revu’. The rumours are spread by self appointed private investigator and child abductor Jaques Smit (53). These stories sadly have been copied critique-less by other media.

At the end of 2008 however, there seemed to be a brief turning point: Ex husband Mohamed Boulnouar(36) fled* after stealing a large sum of money from Muslims wanting to travel to Saoudi Arabia for the Hadj and child-abductor Smits was put on tape by Dutch tabloid ‘Panorama’, admitting all the allegations were not true. When the court appointed custody of her child to Malika in december 2008, it seemed the end of the story.

Unfortunately nothing was further from the truth as Boulnouar and Smits seem to be at it again with their gossip. Gossip that serves no other purpose than to damage Karoum’s career and private life.

On various occasions the Dutch Justice Department has declared that Karoum is not a suspect in any criminal case. The allegations were and are false.

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*Boulnouar was arrested in februari 2009