Lucia de B must be retried

Lucia de Berk, the dutch nurse convicted to life imprisonment for the allegated murder of a number of patients should be retried.

The so called Posthumus commission in its report of today stated that the entire case is fraud with tunnelvision from the DA’s office. From the start they were convinced that Lucia de B was guilty and their entire evidence gathering was based on that. Any evidence pointing to her innocence was disregarded or discarded.

The commission was especially critical towards the statistical ‘evidence’ in the case as only 1 statistician calculated the chance that Lucia was ‘not guilty’ on 1 in 340.000.000 This calculation was not shared by other, more scientifically renowed statisticians, who calculated it at 1 in 40 or 1 in 8. The statistics never should have been allowed as evidence, the Posthumus commission stated in its report.
There were no murders

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